I just finished a product briefing with Ben Sharma, CEO of Zaloni (www.zaloni.com).  Our team will be getting hands-on with the platform but our first impression has been very positive. Zaloni has combined multiple features into a single integrated platform. These features include business metadata, data ingestion, workflows, data lineage, data quality, data security and data wrangling.

Here are some noteworthy features:

Zaloni supports workflows to automate various manual tasks. For example, a data administrator can build a workflow to ingest data, run data quality checks, quarantine non-compliant records for further analysis and load compliant records into HDFS.

Workflow capability in Zaloni Bedrock

Data Quality
Zaloni Bedrock supports the execution of data quality rules natively in Hadoop. As discussed above, these data quality rules can be stitched into an overall workflow.

Standardized rules for data quality checks in Zaloni Bedrock

Data Lineage
Zaloni Bedrock also produces data lineage diagrams within Hadoop. This is useful for data scientists and other users who want to conduct traceability on their data flows.

Data lineage with Zaloni Bedrock

With the large volumes of RDARR information, financial services companies are increasingly turning to Big Data repositories like Hadoop for their information management needs. Zaloni provides a great platform for Big Data Governance for Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (RDARR) in financial services. We are excited about the Zaloni platform and are looking forward to learning more!