I am starting to notice several executives with the title of “Chief Data Governance Officer (CDGO).”

By now, we are all familiar with the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) who has overall accountability for data within an organization. In contrast, the CDGO has executive-level ownership for Data Governance and may report to the CDO, if one exists.

The CDGO has the following specific responsibilities:

  • Overall accountability for Data Governance including Critical Data Elements, Data Stewardship and data-related regulatory compliance.
  • Ownership of Metadata and Data Quality, in most cases.
  • Ownership of Master Data Management and Reference Data Management, in some cases.
  • May either own the tooling or work closely with their IT counterparts.

Much has been written about Data Governance, so I will not try to cover every aspect of the CDGO role. However, it is a new title and I anticipate that several organizations will adopt this formal title in the next several months.