Software Tools

Organizations will gain control over their data assets by combining operational data stewardship procedures with documented best practices for creating and using data and appropriate technology. Intrinsically, Data Governance software and technology should be used to enhance the methods by which agreed upon policies are translated into data requirements and business rules. Various types of tools are available that support the processes for improving Data Governance and information oversight. Information Asset can provide world class assistance in tool selection, set up and maintenance.

We recommend instituting a Data Governance program that involves a combination of people, processes and technology. This is intended to safeguard against a blind reliance on Data Governance tools to accomplish the organization’s objectives. Well managed Data Governance efforts face obstacles when attempting to consistently repurpose and reuse data caused by systemic, technical and organizational complexities. Often a deep dive into the end to end data processing operations will expose some deep-seated data management challenges for example variances within data models, business terminology and rigid data structures.