Master Data Governance

Organizations must understand that building a foundation for Master Data Management requires improvements to data, remedies for internal disagreements and broken processes. The typical enterprise has massive amounts of data spread across multiple databases and departments. Information Asset will help secure control of data and bridge relationship gaps between Information Technology, Data Stewards, and Data Owners. Master Data Governance will positively impact your business by providing a single version of the truth.

Information Asset will assist in the conversations to achieve agreements between staff to determine exactly what constitutes a “customer” or a “member” and provide guidance for resolutions across business units. We will work with your organization to move from a technology focused effort to one of strategy and compromise building.

Master Data Governance can absolutely impact your business positively by providing you a single version of the truth. You will have robust insight related to things like what products your customers have, what supplies and services you buy from selected vendors, and where there are gaps to be filled in order to meet customer demands.