Integration of Amazon S3 with Alation Data Catalog

Information Asset has developed a solution to parse and transfer files on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to Alation Data Catalog. Our Amazon S3-to-Alation solution supports an automated transfer of files from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Alation.


Alation is a market-leading data catalog built for collaboration. Alation empowers analysts to nd, understand and share data for faster, more accurate insights. Alation’s data catalog automatically captures the rich context of enterprise data and keeps it updated with human-machine learning collaboration.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is storage for the internet. It offers a flexible set of storage management and administration of capabilities, providing developer access to the same highly scalable, fast, reliable, and inexpensive data storage infrastructure.

Integration of AWS S3 to Alation

Information Asset has developed a solution that enables a user to import JSON, XML, and CSV from Amazon S3 into Alation using AWS Lambda functions. The data scientist can view the data structure along with sample data.

To learn more about the integration between AWS S3 and Alation please download our datasheet.

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*Please note you must have an Alation licence for this integration to work