Research Report – An In-Depth Review of Data Governance Software Tools

Reference Architecture, Evaluation Criteria and Vendor Landscape


In this complimentary research report, Sunil Soares provides an in-depth review of data governance software tools. Vendors have matured their offerings to the extent that organizations need to consider tools as a critical component of their data governance programs.

  • Reference Architecture for Enterprise Data Management
  • Definition of Data Governance Software tools
  • Relationship between Data Governance tools and the following EDM tools:
    – Data Integration
    – Hadoop
    – Master Data Management
    – Analytics and Reporting
    – Business Process Management
    – Data Security and Privacy
    – Information Lifecycle Management
  • Evaluation Criteria for Data Governance Software Tools
  • Vendor Landscape
    – Adaptive
    – ASG
    – Collibra
    – Data Advantage Group
    – Embarcadero Technologies
    – Harte-Hanks Trillium
    – IBM
    – Informatica
    – Orchestra Networks
    – SAP
    – SAS

Sunil Soares is the Founder and Managing Partner of Information Asset, a consulting firm focused on Data Governance and Enterprise Data Management. He is the author of several books including Selling Information Governance to the Business and Big Data Governance. For more information, please visit www.information-asset.com.

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