Integration of Microsoft Azure Data Catalog and Collibra

In today’s era of big data, organizations are amassing large and disconnected document and data repositories. Information Asset has developed an integration for Microsoft® Azure® Data Catalog with Collibra® Data Governance Center.

Microsoft Azure Data Catalog

Microsoft Azure Data Catalog (Figure 1) provides a cloud-based service that enables business and technical users to discover, understand, and consume data sources. The solution allows data sources to be discovered through search functions and is easily understandable to users. Microsoft Azure Data Catalog allows users to make contributions to the data by tagging, documenting, and annotating previously registered data sources as well as registering new data sources.

Integration of Microsoft Azure Data Catalog and Collibra

Collibra Data Governance Center is a market-leading repository that supports data governance, data stewardship, business glossaries, and reference data management. Information Asset has developed a solution using Collibra Connect to integrate Collibra Data Governance Center and Microsoft Azure Data Catalog. This solution enables you to bring trustworthy data into Collibra, automatically stitching the technical metadata to the business metadata and providing you with data profiling abilities to enhance data quality (Figure 2).

Next Steps

Information Asset’s integration of Microsoft Azure Data Catalog with Collibra helps create a business- and technology-friendly environment where the two types of metadata can coexist with one another. To learn more, please request a demo by contacting, or visit our website at

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