Integration of DAG MetaCenter with Collibra DGC (DAG2DGC)

Data governance is a complex journey for your business. No matter where you are with your maturity curve in your data governance journey, integrations must be in the back of your mind. We at Information Asset have started a roadmap in developing integration solutions to support your business, bringing higher focus to data governance. We begin our path with an integration solution between DAG MetaCenter and Collibra DGC (DAG2DGC).Integration solutions make your daily operations flow more smoothly, bringing true attention to data governance practices rather than focusing on questions about proper stitching of the data lineage, correct alignment of the technical metadata in data movements, and so on. Our DAG2DGC solution provides integration to support an automated transfer of data from DAG MetaCenter to Collibra DGC.

Integration Solution: DAG2DGC

DAG MetaCenter can bring technical metadata scanned from multiple sources into MetaCenter, building relationships from the column level up to the application level. However, storing business metadata in MetaCenter in an organized way can be difficult.Collibra, on the other hand, can import business metadata from business glossaries, critical data element guidelines, data sharing agreements, regulation/compliance business rules, and more. However, storing technical metadata in Collibra is a manual process.

Using Collibra Connect, we have built a solution that gives you the best of both tools. Using the schedule scans of MetaCenter and the data governance framework built out in Collibra, the DAG2DGC solution provides scheduled jobs to furnish Collibra with the technical metadata from MetaCenter. This solution enables you to automatically bring already trustworthy data into Collibra with automatic stitching of the technical metadata to the business metadata

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Technical metadata delivered from DAG MetaCenter to Collibra DGC

Workflow in MuleSoft from DAG MetaCenter to Collibra DGC