Integration of Collibra DGC with Atlassian JIRA

As your organization’s data governance journey matures, you will come across data issues and changes; effective management of these issues and changes will only strengthen your data governance program. Information Asset has built an important integration solution between Collibra® Data Governance Center (DGC) and Atlassian® JIRA®.

Our DGC-to-JIRA solution supports an automated transfer of data governance and data quality issues and changes from Collibra to JIRA.

Collibra Data Governance Center

Collibra Data Governance Center is a market-leading data governance solution that automates and supports data governance and data management, giving organizations the opportunity to deliver trustworthy data to business users and the data steward community.

Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian’s JIRA is a solution providing workload transparency, data-driven reporting functionality, and agile project, issue, and change management opportunities.

Integration of Collibra and JIRA

Information Asset has developed a solution using Collibra Connect that enables Collibra users to bring data-related issues and changes into JIRA (Figure 1), in addition to the supporting attributes (e.g., issue description, project name, assignee, project type, status). This integration ensures a single point for project and issue management.

Next Steps

Information Asset’s Collibra DGC to JIRA is a solution that automates data governance and quality issues and associated tracking for easy management and collaboration. To take advantage of this solution and learn more about Collibra DGC integration with JIRA, please request a demo by contacting

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